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Cutting the first hair of a Child

If  a small lock of hair was removed from the head at the time of the birth of the child then it is considered that there is no need for  finding an auspicious time for subsequent cuttings of hair. But if it was not done at the time of birth, then for a male child 3, 5, 7 months (odd) or 1, 3 5 years (odd) from the birth are considered good for cutting the first hair  and an auspicious time which avoids the Janma Nakshtra (Birth Star) of the father of the child is selected for the occasion. For a female child even numbered months and even numbered years are considered suitable for the occasion avoiding the Birth Star of the mother.  

Auspicious Dates in 2002 are the following but  you need to consult a good astrologer to check which days are the best suited according to the time of the birth of the child and the mother/father. Then find out the auspicious moment in regard to the current place of residence. If you can not find a suitable astrologer locally, then you can  consult this site. For more information about  what is an auspicious day and what is an auspicious time please click here.   

Auspicious Dates for cutting first hair of a child -  2002

Apr. 18
May 31
July 25
Oct. 02