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The first menstruation

No need to say, the start of that bodily function is a very significant moment in the life of a girl. So much important that, it is considered as the second birth. It means that she, no longer is a child. But a person capable of giving birth to a child or the motherhood. 

This occasion also gives an opportunity for the parents to show that they love and care for her. (Which is sometimes very hard to show by only giving presents and money to a child approaching teenage). A horoscope is made using the time of happening and predictions are made accordingly.

The function associated with the occasion usually take around one week to complete. During that time a strict code of conduct is imposed upon the girl, where the underlying objective is to make her understand, that she is no longer a child with freedom but a young lady with dignity and discipline. At the completion of the function there is a bathing ceremony and a feast to the friends and relatives who brings various presents to the young lady.