Giving a Name to the Child


When Giving a name to a new born child you need to find the auspicious sounding starting letters for the name. It is believed when such an auspicious sounding name is constantly repeated over the years to come it will act as a "Manthra" which will bring good luck for the child.

There are three ways of finding letters. The crudest way is according to the Day, It is like giving the name "Chandra" to all the babies born on Mondays.

For the second and third methods you need to cast the horoscope of the child and find out the "Lagna" and the "Janma Nakshtra" of the child from the horoscope.

The letters compatible with the "Janma Nakshtra" are considered the best.


If anybody living outside of Sri Lanka finds it difficult to get letters for the name of their child according to the second and third methods, I will do it for free as a help If you Email me (See the contact page) the date, time, and the place of birth of the child.

Our Sri Lankan visitors are kindly requested to contact their village astrologer for the service.