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2002 Sinhalese New Year Auspicious Times are below

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Note: The Auspicious times given below are prepared by the "Nakshtra Committee" of the Department of Cultural Affairs and are in Sri Lanka Time


Viewing New Moon "Nava Sanda Baleema"

For "Chandra" year and the "Surya" year both : Monday April 15


Bathing for the Old Year "Parana Auruddha Sandaha Snanaya"

Saturday April 13

(Nuga Path Mishra Nanu - Apply Nuga leaves juice mixed bath oil)


New Year

Sunday 14 th April  at 06:19 am

* Melbourne - 10:19 am (Melbourne local Time)


Punya Kala - Period of religious activity



From Saturday April 13th 11:55 pm to Sunday 14th April 12:43 pm is "Punya Kala . Therefore before 11:55pm Saturday you have to Stop Work and Finish taking Meals. (Veda ha A'ha'ra ath hareema)

First part of "Punya Kala" (13th April 11:55pm to 14th April 6:19 am) is allocated for religious activities.

* For Melbourne First part of Punya kala starts from 3:55am 14th April to 10:19am 14th April (Melbourne Local Time)

Second part of the "Punya Kala" is allocated for the activities mentioned below. Such as preparing Meals, Transactions and Taking Meals.

* For Melbourne Second part of Punya Kala starts at 10:19 am and ends at 4:43pm (Melbourne local Time)


Preparing Meals "Ahara Peseema"

Sunday 14th April at 07:11am. Wearing  red and yellow mixed coloured clothes and looking at East direction, light the fire and prepare a milk rice  meal "Kiribath"  mixed with sesame seeds (Tala) and Gee.

* For Melbourne the Auspicious time is at 14th April 10:21 am Melbourne Local time. The direction is East


Starting Work, Transactions and Taking Meals "Ahara Anubavaya, Weda Alleema ha Ganudenu Kerreema"

Sunday 14 th April 8:12 am, wearing red and yellow mixed coloured clothes and Looking at East Direction

* For Melbourne the Auspicious time is at 11:26 am Melbourne local Time and the Auspicious direction is East


Applying Oil "Hisa tel Gaama"

Monday 15th April 11:36 am, Looking at East Direction, wearing white clothes


Going to work

Wednesday 17th April 7:58 am after having a breakfast of "Kiribath", wearing dark red and light green clothes and looking at East Direction.

Or 15th Monday 7:23am looking at East direction and wearing white clothes