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If you still think that you really need this full reading, or you are unable  to find any other good competent person who is well versed in Vedic Astrology in your local area, under those circumstances only, you may need to contact me by filling out this form and pressing the submit button below. But if you know of a good astrologer locally, then please try to use his/her services as much as possible. 

The only thing an another good astrologer will not be able to provide you and available only from me is this unique Full Reading and I am very sure about it, as I have to write it specially for you in my own unique way of writing, presentation and dedication.  And in that case you have no choice left but to ask me nicely.  

As this is my hobby, I appreciate your suggestions and comments towards making this site more informative and useful to you. Please direct your correspondences through the following email address. 

At present I am not in Kandy, but Melbourne, my phone number is (03) 9548 1613 now. Thank you for your interest in this ancient science, which allows us to  face bravely to the ups and downs of life with a new kind of understanding.

Lakshman Abeykoon




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