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Birth Sign Calculator and Reading Generator

Now, you can find your Lagna according to Jyotish System and get a free reading. So try it for your friends and family too.

Lagna is the Birth Sign- The constellation which was rising at eastern horizon at your Place of Birth  at the time of birth. 

Lagna is not, your "Janma Rashi" -The constellation where the Moon was at the time of birth, nor  It is not the Sun Sign or the Rising Sign of Western System. In Western System, all the people born in one month belongs to the same sign. Can same thing happen to everybody born in that month ? I can not imagine that. Can you ?. 

According to Eastern system ,the Lagna changes with the time of the day and the place. So people belonging to all the 12 signs are born on the earth at a given moment. 

The Lagna will be indicated in the Ascendant Cell and also in the 1st house Bhava Madya cell which gives the degrees and minutes of Lagna.

Before using the calculator first find the time zone (Click here) you were born and the geographic coordinates (Click Here) of the place of birth.

Full Life Reading 

If you are satisfied with this short free reading you will get below, and you want more. The best Full Reading you can ever get is here. But about 90% of it has to be done manually (except the calculation part). The Full Life Reading is not a vague computer generated report. It is a personally prepared 18 to 23 page, unique individual genuine reading in Sinhalese or English. Since it involves a lot of work, it is not possible to offer it for free. If you are interested in getting one specially prepared for you, click the link to see more Details about the Full Reading or Contact jothirvidya@hotmail.com to arrange one.

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I recommend you to try this free reading. Follow the instructions below, enter your birth details and press the calculate button. You will be amazed to see how accurate the readings are with correct birth times. But when compared to the Full Reading, this automated reading is just a tiny drop from the ocean.

Day: Month: Year: Please follow instructions
Birth Time (use 24 hour clock ex. 1.05 pm = 13.05):

Time Zone ( Sri Lanka was in 5.30 zone eariler, but now in 6.00 ): :   (Born in Sri Lanka between 26/10/96 - 25/5/96 should use 6.30 time zone. And those born before 25/5/96 must use 5.30 as their time zone. Those born in other countries check here)

DST (If Born in a country where Daylight Saving Time was in force at birth like, month of December in Australia or August in UK please Click the box here, otherwise leave blank)

Longitude: : East Latitude: South

Example 1: Colombo 79:52 East, therefore East box is checked by default,  and Latitude 6:51 North. (Therefore leave the South check box blank as it is now) To find Coordinates for other places click here

Example 2: Quebec  71:14 West,  46:19 North & Time zone is -5 and born in August- Summer time (Therefore enter 5:00 to Time Zone , Check the DST box, enter  71:14 to Longitude, 46:19 to Latitude and remember to leave both East and South boxes unchecked)

Example 3: Melbourne 144:37 East, 38:18 South Time zone is +10 and born in July (No DST) (Therefore Enter 144:37 to Longitude, 38:18 to Latitude and 10 to Time zone, check both East and South boxes but leave DST box unchecked)

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