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Dawn of New Year in  Sri Lanka Time:
 14 th April 2002 at 06:19 am

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Dawn of New Year can be Celebrated exactly at the same moment all over the world and it is astrologically correct.

Why ?

The Reason is: There is only one Sun. One Meena Rashi (Pisces constellation) and one Mesha Rashi (Aries constellation) and the transit of Sun from Pisces Constellation to Aries (Meena to Mesha) happens only once. - No different times for different countries.  For your World time converter, please click here. 

6 hours and 24 minutes before the Dawn of New Year and 6 hours and 24 minutes after the new year is Called Punya Kalaya

Here is an Example for Melbourne:

At this period, Melbourne is not in Day light Saving Time and only 4 hours ahead of Sri Lanka. So the dawn of the new year is at 4:00 + 6:19 hours = 10:19 am

Therefore, for Melbourne, Punya Kala Starts at 10:19 - 6:24 =  3:55 am.

Punya Kala ends at 10:19 + 6:24 = 16:43 = 4:43pm

US Central Time




Auspicious Times for Lighting of the hearth, Commencement of work and other things 

Here it is a different story. Auspicious times change according to the time of sunrise at any particular place.

For an Example you can give an Auspicious time for Melbourne CBD but it will not be an auspicious moment for a person living in Sydney or Brisbane and it will be completely wrong for a person in  Perth, Singapore, London, New York, Tokyo or Moscow. Therefore if you require, astrologically correct, Auspicious times for different countries and cities, then for each city it has to be calculated separately. According to the sunrise at that particular point. 

For an example let us check what are the auspicious times for Melbourne for the preparation of meals (Ahara Peseema).

The second part of the "Punya Kala" starts with the Dawn of the New Year (10:19 am Melbourne Time) so the Auspicious times for preparation of meals and starting of work and transactions (Wada Alleema) should be after 10:19 am.

According to sun rise an sun set times for city of Melbourne for the 14 th of April 2002, Sandu Hora/Sandu Panchama kala Hora/Sandu Sukshama Hora starts at 10:20 am and finishes at 10:23am. Which is an auspicious moment.  Usually we take the middle minute as the Auspicious time. Therefore the Auspicious time for Ahara Piseema is 10:21 am for Melbourne and the Auspicious direction is the same as the one recommended by the Nakshtra committee which is East.

The auspicious time for taking meals and start of transactions is at 11:26 for Melbourne

As you see from the above example, you have to calculate these auspicious times separately for each and every city. Which is beyond the scope and practically impossible task to be undertaken  by a web site like this. Therefore  you have to consult a good knowledgeable astrologer in your area for it. 

If you can not find such person then what can you do ?

My point of view is,  if you can not do what is astrologically correct, then you have to select the next best thing. What is Ethically correct.


What is Ethically Correct ?

Isn't it a very splendid thing that all the Sinhalese no matter where they live celebrate and do the same activities at exactly same moment at least once a year ? so Let us celebrate it all together !!

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Wish You a very Happy New year