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The English Full Life Reading

The  Sinhalese Reading

The Full Life Reading is not a vague computer generated report. It is a personally prepared unique, individual genuine reading which is Word processed in MS Word Format. The pictures of different Astrological charts you see in the reading are inserted to Word Document as GIF Image files.

A Sample of a typical English Full Life Reading is  given below. This Full Life Reading is available only from "Sri Lanka Jyotisha"

Please note that I can offer it only a limited number of people as it requires a lot of time to prepare a single reading. Though I do this as my hobby, you may understand that there is material and time cost attached with it such as site fees, connection fees, depreciation of hardware and value of my free time ect. Therefore the Full reading is not a free offer. Even though I would really like to do it that way.

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    • Please Note that, this Full Life Reading is available only from "Sri Lanka Jyotisha"  and  there is nowhere else you can get such a reading. Though my reading is offered to you as the best, I do not wish to push mine for a hard sell. I maintain this site as a hobby  and it is not a commercial astrological venture. You are free to shop around if you wish and, here are offers from a few other Vedic Astrological Sites for their own readings.
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