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16 to 25  page Full Reading (Optional)

Provided that you are satisfied with the free readings given here, and due to some reason you want to have a Full Reading prepared for yourself. Or you are thinking of giving the Reading as an unforgettable birthday present to a New Born Child or somebody you really care about. Then more information about the Full Reading is given below. 

 What is the Full Reading  and what is the free reading

Free Reading

If you are searching for the free reading, the free reading is available at the following page in my web site. Please click here to visit it. http://jyotisha.00it.com/bhava.htm . Based on your time and place of birth, this web page will calculate the "Lagna" or the constellation which was appearing at eastern horizon at the place of birth on the moment of your birth. 

(Lagna in Jyotish system differs about 23 degrees from the Rising sign calculated by Western astrologers - And this difference is called the "Ayanamsa".) 

Full Reading

Depending on your "Lagna", you will be offered a brief one page free reading. "Lagna" is just a  single component among many others used in astrological predictions, the purpose of the free reading is to demonstrate you the predictive power of the Jyotish Astrology by utilizing only a single component and still be able to give you a reasonably acceptable reading.

Unlike the automated free reading, The full reading(Click here to Preview) make use of hundreds of other reference points such as the position of sun, moon and other planets, positions of minor constellations (Nakshtras) planetary combinations, aspects and so on, in order to focus the reading exactly on you and make it unique for you. Since it involves many complex factors, a good reading can not be automated as such and be produced with a flick of a switch. You need a good human astrologer to prepare it for you. It is as same as that an electric drill or a saw can not replace a carpenter. Such things can be good efficient tools using which a competent good carpenter may create a master piece in no time. But it does not mean that the master craftsman could be replaced by his tools. As same as that, you need a good human astrologer to prepare a good reading for you. 


 Is this fortune Telling ?

No ! I am not your fortune teller nor this my web site is not about fortune telling and this reading is also not a  fortune telling. Fortune telling is based on superstition. It is an obsession with blind belief. In fortune telling you will never hear the reason behind what you have been told. For an example suppose that you were told by a fortune teller that, you are going to meet with an accident at such and such time. IF you ask him what ? is the logic or the reason for telling that. And why? is this time bad for me. You will not get a rational answer. Most probably what he told you is what just came to his mouth at that time.

What you and I will be doing together in your reading is an exploration and investigation of an area of human knowledge and experiences with a history dating back to thousands of years. Therefore this is a journey in to unknown using human ingenuity and knowledge for guidance. We will be moving through a vast repository of past knowledge and human experiences linked to the  previous positions of planets and constellations, (where hypothesis were formed and found out that there was a clear relationship**) searching for similarities to the positions of planets at your birth. 

(** Why ? There is a relationship? No body has  given a completely satisfactory answer for it yet. That is why there are so many religious institutions in this world. All are trying to supply a reason. Some say it is Karma and others say the Gods will, but who knows it for sure ? Read what is astrology . Whether it is Karma or Gods will, what we are trying to do here is to have a sneaky peek at it in a way similar to solving a puzzle)

Practically every statement in your reading will be supported by reason and logic. For an example a statement will start like this "Because of your Saturn is debilitated (Badly positioned) in both Rashi (Main) and Navamshaka (Secondary) charts, such and such period,  when Saturn is transiting over the 8th house could be a bad for you in relation to your health. The reason is, many other people with similar positions of Saturn had their health affected during the Saturn's transit over the 8th house. Majority had suffered from pains or accidents to left side of the body, specially the left leg or the arm. Therefore you must be careful during this period. Like that.. 

So, there is no mystery, no superstition nor magic. Just the sheer awesome knowledge, the experiences of people lived before us and the systems of predictions based on mathematics of planetary motions developed by the ancient Sages and Rishies (Scientists) are the guiding lights in this reading.


 Do I really need a Full Reading ?
What is in there useful for me !

While doing our exploration we may be able to find out things like what are your lucky numbers or lucky days could be etc. But these are secondary benefits. If you want to face bravely to the ups and downs of life with a new understanding and If you are interested to find out answers for questions such as what? experiences the others with similar destinies (planetary positions similar to yours) had to encounter with etc. Then this is a type of a reading which might be of interest to you. 

Otherwise, if you just want to hear about your fortune, magic or unexplainable supernatural abilities, then I will not advice you to get a reading done as it is a waste of my time as well as your money since this reading is not a free one. You will be better off with a crystal ball or tarot reader or a phone psychic.

"He who does not allow his miracles to be investigated is a crook,
he who does not have the courage to investigate a miracle is gullible,
and he who is prepared to believe without verification is a fool".

Dr Abraham T. Kovoor 

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Since the Full Reading is a manually written one, to prepare a reading specially for you, I need at least 3-4 days. Please note that I can offer the full reading only to a limited number of people as it requires a lot of time to prepare a single reading. 

But at the end, it is a pleasure to see the appreciation of Vedic Astrology when I get feed back from  previously skeptic people.

"Thank you very much. Most of the reading was very true, I felt like reading a book about myself. I did not much believe in stuff like this but out of the curiosity I did it and I was shocked at the results. Thanks again. J.M  ."

Though I do this as my hobby, you may understand that there is material and time cost attached with it such as site fees, connection fees, depreciation of hardware and value of my free time, reference materials, rare text books in different languages or  translations, almanacs etc. Therefore it is practically not possible to give the full reading for free and due to the above said reasons, the full reading (Sri Lankan Rupees 4500) is not a free offer. 

 Learn : When it is going to happen to you !!

What is the full life reading. (Summary)
It is an individually focused well written document. You can not get this reading from any other place. Cost of preparation is 49US$ and  the reading contains the following

  Starts with describing how do you look like or your physical features, mental tendencies and personality. (around. 4 - 6 pages)
Then the reading will describe the  important happenings in your life and will go in to details of the finer points and features. Such as the areas of learning you are good at, your talents, the areas of occupation you can easily be successful, your likes and dislikes, your marriage, your relationship with your family and children and many other details of your life as whole. (around 6-10 pages including charts). Then  the reading covers the periods of your life. Your past, present and the future. What happened and when ? And what things will be happening in the future and when ?. How was last 2 years. How is this year ? ( your income and properties, work and employment, family and home life, education and health) What will be happening ( in detail ) for the next 5 to10 years. What are your good times. What are the bad times. How to overcome the bad effects of planets and what are the inexpensive and simple remedies which will bring you good fortune. (around 5 - 7 pages). Finally, the details about Your health, finance, romance and marriage, ideal match, domestic environment, profession, lucky days, lucky numbers, lucky colours and lucky stones (around 1 -2 pages).

The above mentioned details comes to you  in the Reading roughly under the following headings: (Subject to change as I wish at the time of writing)

*Your Lagna (Birth Sign)
*Your Physical Appearance
*Your Mental Tendency
*Your Personality and Emotions
*Your horoscope
*About your Rashi Chart (Primary Chart)
*About your Navamsha Chart (Secondary Chart) & PREDICTIONS
*About Your Droshkana Chart (Decanatus) & PREDICTIONS
*About your Past life
*About your Janma Nakshtra (Birth Star or the Upan Nakata)
*Good Periods for you:
*Bad periods for you:
*About your Lagnadhipathi (Lord of birth sign) & PREDICTIONS
*About the position of SUN  in your horoscope and what are the effects on you. (Predictions)
*About the position of MOON in your horoscope and what are the effects on you. (Predictions)
*About the position of MARS in your horoscope and what are the effects on you. (Predictions)
*About the position of MERCURY in your horoscope and what are the effects on you. (Predict.)
*About the position of JUPITER in your horoscope and what are the effects on you. (Predict.)
*About the position of VENUS in your horoscope and what are the effects on you. (Predictions)
*About the position of SATURN in your horoscope and what are the effects on you. (Predict.)
*About the position of RAHU in your horoscope and what are the effects on you. (Predictions)
*About the position of KETU in your horoscope and what are the effects on you. (Predictions)
*Your Next Birth
* Planetary Aspects (Graha Drushty) in your horoscope
* Graha Yogas (Special Planetary Combinations) in your horoscope
Graha Apala (Malefic effects of planets ) (Ex. Aerashtaka- if you have any at the moment and Remedies to overcome the bad effects)
Yearly Predictions -2003 (Income and Properties, Family and Home life, Education and Health)
Yearly Predictions -2004
* Yearly Predictions -2005
* Yearly Predictions -2006
* Yearly Predictions -2007
* Yearly Predictions -2008
Detailed Predictions according to Planetary Periods (Vimshottari Dasha) FOR NEXT 10 YEARS. From Year 2003 to  Year 2013 and Simple remedies to bring you good luck and fortune.
* Remedies for Graha apala (Dasha) if you have Any
Your Health and diseases
your Romance and marriage
Ideal Match for you
Finance and Fortune
Domastic environment
Lucky Days
Lucky Numbers
Lucky Colours
Lucky stone
*Appendix 1
*How to understand the astrological Charts Supplied with the Reading
*The Treaditional Sri Lankan Astrological Chart
*Description of Charts
*Appendix 2
*Introduction to Vedic Astrology
*What is Jyotish
*What is Horoscope & Birth Sign
*What is Different about Jyotish

 The Full Life Reading is not a computer generated report. It is a personally prepared unique, individual and genuine reading. Available in Sinhalese or English which is manually written in genuine traditional style and Word processed in MS Word Format.

First two pages of a typical reading : Reading is prepared manually. The pictures of different Astrological charts you see in the reading are inserted to the Word Document as scanned images of GIF Image file format

 What things will I get with the Full Reading ?

 The Full Life Reading is very comprehensive.

 It is a Reading for a Lifetime.

 The full reading is definitely the best Vedic astrological reading you will get in Sinhalese. (and most probably in English too.) 

  Why do I need a Full Reading ?

 This is a very competitive world. Even the smallest clue you can get about your future have an immense advantage over those, without any clue about their future directions. (Therefore this reading is a must for parents who want to explore all the avenues and options available in finding out, what is best for their children.)

 The reading will help you to select the best career path suitable for you.

 The reading is a must for people who are planning to marry. As it is the greatest gamble you ever do with your life. Specially if it is an arranged marriage.

From a persons horoscope you can learn many things which normally will take many years of living together to discover. Check both horoscopes and compare the Porondam. The oldest feasibility study known to mankind is the marriage Compatibility or Porondam.

If you think I am trying to give you a sales talk, then do it not through this site, but through somebody else if you like. But take my word, it is a very smart move. It may some times save you from years of agony and heart break. Better be safe than being sorry.

  Will others laugh at me for believing these things?

 Due to their ignorance, many people condemn things they know absolutely nothing about.

The best recent example is the destruction of priceless Buddha Statues in Afghanistan. Non of those ignorant people who dynamited that world heritage knew nothing about, who is Buddha, what are the Buddha's teachings or the past glorious civilization they had in their country.

Those who attribute mystery in to astrology are ignorant people similar to those primitive people who thought that, lightning and thunder are the acts of gods as they did not have  the scientific knowledge  to explain it rationally 

Click here for frequently asked questions about what is astrology 

 Astrology is also a heritage, which stood the test of time. If astrology was absolute rubbish, then it would have gone out of circulation many hundreds or perhaps thousands years ago.

If you think that, only we are smart and the people who lived before us were a bunch of fools, that is an ignorance which is similar to the ignorance of Thalibans.

 There were very smart people in those days too. Since their astronomical knowledge was mathematically and logically so accurate, today we are able to design Java Script programs like Free Astrological Reading you get here, which automatically calculate the planetary motion according to old mathematical formulas and find out what constellation of stars was rising at Eastern horizon at your particular date, time, and place of birth and give a reading according to that. Even it alone is a lot of accurate mathematics and a lot of knowledge.

Very successful and prominent people are using Astrology for their advantage. But many never admit it, as they will loose the competitive edge they have over others.

 If any person believes that there is no purpose in his own birth to this world and it is just an accidental happening , it is a very big mistake. Every life has a purpose, visible and not so clearly visible .

(Even in scientific point of view this is true, nature is very smart and nothing can exist in the nature which has no purpose, even the tiniest Bacteria or Virus has it's own purpose, both visible and not so clearly visible. Visible purpose is reproduction, not so clearly visible purpose is, the role it plays in the grater picture of the nature such as nutrient recycling and decomposition)

 How big is the Reading ?

 When completed usually the Reading will come close to 16 or 25 typewritten A4 size pages. Usual contents of a reading are the following:

 Astrological Charts, and an introduction with a page, explaining how to understand the Astrological charts supplied with the reading. Useful to you, if you will show the reading to some other astrologer for consultation in a future date, so he need not calculate your charts again.

 With the Reading, Rashi, Navamsha, Bhava and Sarva Asthaka Varga Charts are given, and a table of planetary positions indicating exact positions of the planets, their Rashies, Nakshtras, Nakshtra Padas, and many other details are supplied together with the table of Vimshottari Dashas.

 The  reading starts  with a detailed description of your Birth Sign, Your Physical Appearance , Personality and Mental Tendencies,

 Then, all the planetary positions given in your Rashi, Navamshaka and Bhava Charts will be discussed in detail showing you every planetary position in your Horoscope and explaining it's meaning in your life. Starting from Janma Nakshtra or the Birth Star.

 The next section will cover the special planetary combinations or Graha Yoga's present in your horoscope

 Finishing the above we will be discussing about your present situation. Checking whether you have any Aerashtaka Apala (Bad period ) at this moment and if you have, then I will tell you, what are the remedies for it. Completed, we will then go in to the predictions part in the Reading. Using planetary transits and Vimshottari Dasha System (Planetary periods). Giving you the probable dates of the future happenings. Details of a period roughly about 10 years to the future will be covered.

 Details about Your health, finance, romance and marriage, ideal match, domestic environment, profession, lucky days, lucky numbers, lucky colours and lucky stones and remedies for bad planetary periods (Dashas)are the sections that will be covered in the remaining parts of the Reading.

  As you see from the above, it is a Reading for a Life Time

 What is the use of Full Reading ?

 This is your user manual. The guide to get the best potential out of you. Your strengths, and weaknesses, good times and bad times and what simple remedies are available to overcome unfavourable effects.

Think like this, that every machine, car or an instrument comes with a user manual explaining how to gain the best out of that particular object. Detailing the environment of it's intended use, strengths and weaknesses, how to maintain it properly ect.

The most precious delicate and unstable object or the biological machine is the human being. But unfortunately the owners of that precious machine are not at all interested in their manual at not bothered to look for the ways of finding it.

 The reading will help you to better understand the purpose of your destiny and why certain things are happening to you at certain periods of life. And what types of businesses or employment's will bring you good luck.

 If you are having a bad period, it will tell you what simple remedies you can adopt to overcome it.

  If you are over 40 then most probably you will see that many occurrences mentioned are already have taken place. Then you may get a chance to determine, up to what degree your "Karma" at birth had it's saying and what portion of your own free will and the environment you lived had influence over it.

 But if you are younger, then the reading will give you an additional perspective to look at your life and guide you for the best course of action to realize the best potential of you.

 When prepared for a new born child any were in the world, lucky letters for the name according to our tradition, can be specially included and sent with the reading.

 How good is The Reading ?

I guarantee that the reading is the best you can ever get. Therefore, I will send you the reading with the promise that, to return you happily what I have charged for the reading, If you can send me a copy of::

A Reading, better prepared, better presented with both quality and quantity, containing much more genuinely written and more accurate, Sri Lankan Astrological reading made specially for you, by somebody for less than what I have charged from you. (I am not boasting but I am very much sure you will not get it, as it is hard for anybody to do it when he does a real genuine job)

 How to get the full Reading ?

The full life reading needs to be prepared individually. I can not mass produce it. Once prepared It can be sent to you through Email. I try my best of the ability to give a genuine comprehensive accurate reading since, I do it mainly as a help for somebody.

It is really a lot of work , and therefore the reading is not offered free, and apart from that, any serious work, though it is done as a hobby , has a certain value attached to it. Such as the value of my free time, which I could have used for some other thing

Though I am of highly professional caliber, in the field of Astrology, I am a Qualified Librarian with additional Post Graduate Degrees in Agriculture Science and Soil Science, Previously worked as a Research Scientist in Tropical Pastures. Vedic Astrology is my hobby for many years, and due to practical reasons, I can offer the readings only to a limited number of people who genuinely need it.

  • Please Note that, this Full Life Reading is available only from "Sri Lanka Jyotisha"  and  there is nowhere else you can get such a reading. Though my reading is offered to you as the best, I do not wish to push mine for a hard sell. I maintain this site as a hobby  and it is not a commercial astrological venture. 
  •  How long It will take to prepare a Reading ?

    I will try to give it as early as possible  

     What is the cost ?

    The cost of preparation of a single full reading is 4500 Sri Lankan Rupees 

    Please note, that almost all the resources in this site are offered  free to you. No other Vedic or non Vedic Astrological  site in the web offers so much resources for free as "Sri Lanka Jyotisha" (If not show me). That is because, this is not a commercially oriented web site. (If so I could have easily put a shopping cart and would be better off vending astrological paraphernalia, talismans charms, etc). 

    The only not free offer in this site is the Full reading. That is due to a very simple reason. The reading is genuine, which requires a lot of time to write manually, and I am not rich enough to do it as a  free offer. 

    If you really need this reading, you need to contact me first, by filling out this form and pressing the submit button below.

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