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Now there are two applets you can use if you wish to make your own birth charts

Applet 1: Vedic Lite


This Java applet called Vedic Lite is the first of it's kind and a great leap forward in Vedic Astrology. Vedic Lite is a creation of American Vedic Astrologer /Java Programmer  Michel Tuft. Now you will be directed his web site to make your birth chart

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Before you leave, I  advice you to  study this page and get ready the following information. Then it will be easy for you to make your own Birth Chart.

What you will need are: Geographic Coordinates of your place of birth Time Zone and your date and time of birth. When you are ready with the above information, please Click at the picture of the Chart below to leave this site.



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Applet 2: Astrocommunity .com  and charts


Credit should go to Manoj Nanda. & Sharma Kshitij. There is a collection of birth data of prominent personalities where you can generate the charts instantly.

If you wish to make your own charts you have to edit data in the form. Here is the Birth Data of Rev. Dalai Lama of Tibet at Manoj Nanda's Site.. You can generate the horoscope of his holiness or create your own by changing data.

The same Applet is also available at   Sharma Kshitij's web site Below is how you should fill the form there. If you want to match two horoscopes you can do it in Sharma's site. See Matching horoscopes