About Marriage Compatibility



Marriage is the biggest gamble a person will ever do in his or her life. Therefore it is always advisable to find out through every possible means whether the couple are compatible with each other. It is far more better spending a bit of time and money now to find the best partner than the subsequent heart ache of separation,  spending your time in family courts and paying huge lawyers fees. 

Since the majority of the marriages which occur in Sri Lanka and India are arranged marriages and on many occasions the couple are strangers to each other until the wedding day, the matching of the horoscopes of the couple is a very important part of the decision making and it is the earliest known feasibility study devised by the mankind.

Marriage Compatibility what is it ?

If you wish to learn more about how marriage compatibility test is done and what aspects are checked with it. Please click here.


Check two horoscopes for Compatibility

For the benefit of  those who gets a lot of responses for their advertisements in marriage proposals sections and find it difficult to decide initially without consulting an astrologer which responses are worth further follow up, here I have included a link to a java applet which will allow you to match two horoscopes on some of the basic compatibility aspects.

Credit:  The applet I will direct you now is in Sharma Kshitij's web site "http:// hindubirthcharts.com" and we should be thankful to him for giving the permission to use his applet.

Use this applet in your exclusion process. Select the best matches and follow up those, then with the final one or two, consult  this web site  or otherwise a good thrust worthy  local astrologer for a more comprehensive  match,  which will help you to select the best matching partner. If done through this site a fee is charged for the service.

How to do it - Step by step instructions

  1. First find out the Places of Birth of the responding parties.

  2. Click here to find the geographic coordinates for those places

  3. Find the Time Zones

  4. Once you visit the web page with the applet, enter the data in following manner given in the example


5.   Once you click the Match charts button, you will get a result similar to the following


Now, check the value of Nakshtra Match, for 100% match the value of total points should be 36 and for a 50% match, the value should be 18.  If the value is below 18 the couple would not match.

Note: In this example, the couple married in 1985 after a 3 years of a love affair and separated in 2001 after 16 years and two children.

Click Here to visit hindubirthcharts.com and match Horoscopes and then click Chart Matching link in the left